Renting and Price Match at the UW-Parkside Bookstore

courtesy of Michael Copeland Jr.


Things have changed over the past few years

The Ranger News interviewed Kim Flannery, Store Manager of the Parkside Bookstore to learn more about renting and price match on campus.



At the register, the cashier asks whether students would like to rent or buy the book. If students choose to rent, the book will be due by the last day of classes. The biggest issue, mentioned by thirty percent of the students interviewed by The Ranger News, was the concern of the condition of returned books.

If students write or highlight excessively, rip any pages, or get any level of water damage on the books, they may not be allowed to turn in the books at the end of the semester, and be slapped with a replacement fee on the last day of classes. If the replacement fee is not paid, then there will be a charge of the full price of the book and a ten percent processing fee, in addition to the money already paid to rent the book.


Price Match

When asked about price match, Flannery stated that the bookstore would price match with any book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. However, you must pay for the book at bookstore price, and then receive the refunded the amount as a bookstore gift card. In addition, those gift cards cannot be used on future price matched textbooks. You also can not price match more than $100 off of a book, no matter where you find it. Flannery recommended Amazon for price match on books you could purchase, while Barnes and Noble would be the better place to go for a price match on rental.


Older students will remember that the price match policy used to cover Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Chegg. They will also remember that the price match used to apply at the register so that students would not have to pay the full price of the books at all, and could just save their money rather than getting a gift card that’s not applicable on their textbooks next semesters. However, with the company’s changes over the past few years, those old rules have died out. Students should review the new rental agreements.

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