Author Speaks at UW-Parkside


Dr. Aram Goudsouzian discusses his latest book about the impact of the presidential elections of 1968

Dr. Aram Goudsouzian was invited by Ed Schmidt to speak on Sept. 26 at 5:30 p.m. in the UW-Parkside ballroom to discuss about the topic of his most recent book Men in The Moment: The Presidential Election of 1968, that will be published this coming spring by the University of North Carolina.


The book is focused on the elections of 1968 and the political problems that America faced at the time, as well as relating that election to recent political issues. Dr. Goudsouzian has published three other books previously to the upcoming one about the presidential election of 1968.


As well as being an author, Dr. Goudsouzian is the chair of the history department at University of Memphis. Dr. Goudsouzian began the meeting by explaining that his purpose for writing the book was to pull together all the information about the 1968 presidential elections into a “short interesting narrative that is enriched by all the details of all the political reporting that happened that year.”

Another reason for him writing the book was the fact that previous authors that wrote about the subject did not fully cover what the election was about, and merely focused on the point of view of a particular candidate on the 1968 elections.


Dr. Goudsouzian feels that the 1968 presidential elections is one with a lot of “echoes” that reach today. His goal was to understand the election within its time through the personal experiences of each presidential candidate.


In Men in The Moment: The Presidential Election of 1968, each chapter is about a particular candidate. He goes on to discuss how influential each candidate was by American standards meaning, they play lead roles in the world of politics, and that they are middle-aged white men.


He used “the theme of manhood, notions of manhood” throughout his book, because it shapes the men’s political identities and how they make “critical decisions that have an impact on the destiny of our nation.” Dr. Goudsouzian gave more details from his book and how he related 2016 presidential candidates and their main focuses to the candidates of 1968, by commenting that there are many recurring issues and parallels.


Dr. Goudsouzian concluded by stating that his book ends with fast forwarding through the years since the presidential elections of 1968, talking about the impact of what 1968 had on the following years.

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