Parkside alumnus runs for Kenosha country sheriff

Andy Berg, active Kenosha community member, discusses motivations and platform


Andy Berg

UW-Parkside alumnus Andy Berg has announced his candidacy for Kenosha Sheriff, running against incumbent David Beth. Elections for sheriff are to be held this fall. Berg has served in the military for over 19 years, as a Kenosha county board supervisor in his second term, as a correctional sergeant for 12 years and is executive director of Kenosha’s Garden of Eatin’ a non-profit community garden.

Motivation for running
Berg recounts when he was a child his parents saying, “my parents always told me to get into civil services somehow and I’ve never really thought about it to the extent that they thought about it.” Though Berg’s participation in the community seems to be centered around some sort of civil service. Despite not being a police officer, Berg believes that his experience as a correctional sergeant “is in the wheelhouse” of what it takes to be a successful sheriff.

Building a better department
Berg would also like to work to bring the department into a more productive progress through things such as grants provided to the department. Through these grants, Berg plans to offset costs for things such as materials and, most importantly, training for deputies. Training is one of the most important tools in a profession like policing as Berg states, “otherwise you get kind of stale, if you can increase your training you’re becoming a better deputy and becoming a better department.”  

Plans for a better community
Berg stated one of his greatest assets to the position is his motivation “to better our society” and that “based on my experiences in my jobs I’ve seen how I can be a leader.”  Berg stresses that one of his hopes would be to “put those who’ve found themselves in bad situations in life to help better their situation.” He hopes to accomplish this by “increasing the education and knowledge of the inmate population and if I can help 1 out of 10 not come back to jail, we’re doing pretty good.” As a correctional officer, Berg believes that working to help rehabilitate jail population and in turn reduce the population should be one of the main priorities of the Sheriff.


In addition to Berg’s plans to make progress in rehabilitating inmates, he would like to transform the department into one more involved in local community groups such as foster care programs. Overall, Berg would like to focus resources more pointedly in hopes that the sheriff’s department can build stronger relationships with community and help those who need it.

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