Third graders seek answers about mammoths


Boise Elementary students sent letter inquiries to anthropology students at UW-Parkside


Third grade students at Bose elementary school in Kenosha have been learning about mammoths and how scientists have been attempting to bring mammoths back through genetic engineering. Over 50 students from the third grade class wrote letters filled with questions about mammoths and what humanity would do if mammoths were brought back.


Receiving the questions

Dr. Gillogly, a professor in anthropology, received an email from the third grade teacher at Bose elementary who was hoping that some of their students could have their questions answered by real anthropologists. Dr. Gillogly then reached out to Nathan Gray, vice president of the anthropology club, and fellow students in the club to help respond to these letters. The anthropology club responded individually to the letters with the help of four students, Dr. Gillogly and Dr. Sasso of the anthropology department.


The right people to ask

Dr. Sasso often references mammoths in his archaeology courses, specifically a very well known mammoth excavation in Kenosha known as the schaefer site. With the knowledge between the club’s students and advisors, the letters were answered accurately about how mammoths lived during their time on Earth.


Gray and the anthropology club hope that by answering these questions, it will help sustain these students’ interests in fields such as anthropology and archaeology. The club hopes to pave the way for future students in the fields they are earning degrees in now.

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