PSG incumbents reelected

Corey Hoskins and Keough Lemieux are voted to remain in executive positions


DSC_0004 copy
Keough Lemieux

Parkside Student Government (PSG) elections for officers were held between April 10-12. Spots on the ballot included both PSG president and vice president. Corey Hoskins, junior and acting PSG president, was the only member included on the ballot for president, though write ins were acceptable. Current vice president, Keough Lemieux was also the only member on the ballot for vice president. The unofficial results of the election reveal that Hoskins with 61 votes and Lemieux with 59 votes will remain in the current positions as president and vice president, respectively.  

A president with experience

Hoskins began his involvement with PSG as a senator nearly 2 years ago now. From senator he was elected into the vice president position and later moved into the acting president position after the previous president Jessica Diaz graduated. After the elections, Hoskins solidified his position as president. Hoskins was confident in his abilities for the position saying, “One of the main things I bring is experience…and I know the school a lot.” By “knowing the school” Hoskins insured that he has focused on building relationships with other students, gaining a reputation as “really friendly” and someone whom students feel comfortable coming to with concerns.  

Diversity within the ranks

Hoskins claims that his main motivation for running was that he believed it “brings hope

Corey Hoskins

to some [students] especially a lot of [students] on campus of color.” As of last semester 80% of the positions in PSG senate were occupied by multicultural students. Hoskins hopes that his progression to president is “giving others the idea or motivation” to be successful in the face of adversity.  The newly elected president ended with words of encouragement “as most of the senate now is multicultural, it lets us know that if we can make this change at school we can make this change in the world.”

Preparing for the future

It is currently a rebuilding stage for PSG. Hoskins pointed out that many of the previous board members graduated the previous two semesters. Lemieux, the vice president elect, flourishes with off campus responsibilities such as staying in contact with representatives from the UW System. Hoskins believes this adds to the great dynamic the pair have in their positions.  

Lemieux stated he would like to work to remove any “stigma built around PSG”, including working together with other campus organizations to become resources for one another.  Additionally, Lemieux hopes to make student representation stronger within the UW System stating “We have UW System President [Ray Cross] who has worked actively to undermine our ability as students to contribute to the decision-making process of UW. I feel it is my duty as an active and informed student to stand up for shared governance and fight for UW students in any way I can.”  

Lemieux, Hoskins and PSG hope to make both student government and UW-Parkside a more inclusive environment while working to collaborate with other student organizations to overcome issues for UW-Parkside students. Lemieux reiterates PSG’s goals saying he hopes PSG can become “an org that will gather together campus leaders so that we can actually work together and become resources for one another, rather than as separate groups or individuals.”


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