Group of students build home over spring break



Left to right: Grace Vorpahl, Holly Boyce and Marissa Menchaca working on the roof of the home they volunteered to help build in Alabama. COURTESY OF UW-PARKSIDE’S HABITAT FOR HUMANITY.

Habitat for Humanity members traveled to Alabama to work on project


While some students went on vacation over spring break and others caught up on homework, UW-Parkside’s Habitat For Humanity went to Mobile, Alabama, to help build a home for a deserving family.

The local chapter

UW-Parkside’s Habitat for Humanity is just one of the many chapters in the organization. The organization as a whole has a mission to serve communities by providing every man, woman and child with a decent, safe and affordable place to live, and UW-Parkside’s Habitat for Humanity focuses on serving the people of Racine and Kenosha counties.They also help build and remodel homes and raise awareness for homelessness, poverty, and other specific needs in the community.

The program

According to Marley Uran, the President of UW-Parkside’s Habitat for Humanity, “This program is not simply a free, give away house program.  Families must help build their home or have family/friends help. In addition, they pay a mortgage on the home. However, the housing costs are significantly lower than an average house on the market thanks to volunteers and donors.”

Making a difference

Fifteen students got the chance to make a difference nationally. For this project, UW-Parkside students worked on several aspects of housing structure, such as roofing, windows and doors. Not only did this work help communities in Mobile, but it could also help the local communities here in Racine and Kenosha. Uran said, “Students can bring back this knowledge into their own community to implement change.” To join the team, contact Marley Uran at




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