Eurydice: a new spin on an old myth

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via UW-Parkside


UW-Parkside’s soon to be premiered play

Finishing off this season of the UW-Parkside theater department is “Eurydice”. “Eurydice” is a new take on the Greek myth of Orpheus, the man who ventured into the Underworld for his wife and could not resist the temptation of looking back.


This version of the story promises to be more focused on Eurydice, the wife of Orpheus, as she goes through the Underworld and tries to adjust to her new situation. Written by Sarah Rhul, it has been nominated for several awards and was lauded by The New York Times as “a weird and wonderful play”.


Interview with Gabriella Ashlin


The Ranger News got an opportunity to talk to the one of the co-scenic designers of the play, Gabriella Ashlin, about her thoughts on the upcoming production. When asked about what a potential audience could look forward to, she said, “There are definitely some surprises in this set to look forward to, plus […] Jarrod, who is playing the father, says the transition going into the Underworld is an anticipating moment.”


Ashlin also said that some actors to look out for were “The two leads, Christiane Laskowski and Kyle Racas, who are playing Eurydice and Orpheus. They’re very up and coming, and these are both their first leading roles at Parkside. Hopefully you’ll see more of them next year.”



“Eurydice” is a poetic play that re-examines our perspective on different kinds of relationships, love and death. A huge part of the play is the themes, and Ashlin claims that “the scenic designer, Keith Harris, and I really focused our efforts on the theme of ‘messages’ and the efforts we have as humans to communicate with other layers of reality; in this case, the dead. The set details this theme in several aspects, which I look forward to our audience experiencing in this production.”


Ashlin designed and painted the River of Forgetfulness, featured in the play. Be sure to check it out when you see Eurydice next week, premiering April 20th. The show will run April 20-21, 27-29.

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