Congress candidate Randy Bryce visits campus

Randy Bryce visited UW-Parkside April 2 to open a dialogue with students and to voice his commitment to fight for immigrant students. COURTESY OF CELIA SCHULZ-PHOTOGRAPHY

Randy Bryce connects with Parkside students on immigration, DACA


As a fitting precursor UW-Parkside’s Immigration Week, congress candidate Randy Bryce visited campus on Monday, April 2 to discuss the topic of Immigration and connect with students.

The dialogue between Randy Bryce, students and members from partner organizations was organized by Latinos Unidos president Crystal Garcia. The event was open to the public and announced on the Latinos Unidos social media profiles.

Running for senate

Randy Bryce opened the conversation with a brief description of his entry point into his campaign: working hand in hand with Voces de la Frontera, a membership-based community organization which fights for workers’ rights and against discrimination, specifically as it pertains to migrants. It was while he was protesting with them at the May Day March that senator Chris Larson asked if he would consider running for senate against Paul Ryan. After looking around and seeing thousands of determined faces, he could not consider “no” as an answer to campaigning.

Building a bigger table

The first item on the agenda for discussion was the priority to push the Clean Dream Act. Announcing that the bill was far overdue, Bryce stressed the importance for it to be pushed through as promised. Second, he voiced his support for Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and pointed out the importance of taking care of the people that are here. Bryce proceeded to address cuts to legal immigration, for profit prisons, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the travel ban. To sum his strategies on the topic of immigration, he expressed that “These are things that are very important as part of building a bigger table and having more people able to be included.” The theme of table-type conversation was spread throughout his message.

Forward together

Throughout his presentation, Bryce emphasized the importance of face-to-face interaction between groups with differing perspectives and backgrounds, promoting the importance of the American people moving forward together. Although vehement in his position to fight for the protection of immigrant youth and to stay true to the values inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, Bryce made known his determination to represent the whole community, and not a singular faction of it.

Campus community conversation

After presenting his vision to address concerns about immigration in the U.S., Bryce opened the floor to receive questions from any in attendance. Members from the Racine community and longtime Latinos Unidos partners, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), campus leaders and student groups were present in discussion. Throughout the question and answer session, participants filled the room, eventually filling every seat with attentive and engaged conversation.

The Vice President of Latinos Unidos and Parkside Student Government Senator, Yoger Agular, commented that what he would like to see, in the event that Bryce is elected as congressman, is that he fulfills his promise to work as a representative of the whole community, with all the groups together and also that he pushes for the Clean Dream Act. Agular asserts that, “DREAMERS and DACA recipients deserve more rights; they deserve that pathway to take them to citizenship. For most of them, this is the only country that they know.”

After the meeting came to a close, students were invited to meet Bryce and follow his campaign journey.  

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