Artist talks about latest “Them Boys”

DSC_0002 (1).jpg
David Alekhuogie (center) discusses and displays his work to the audience. COURTESY OF EVA STEINER

David Alekhuogie’s multidisciplinary photography is now featured in the Fine Arts Gallery.


David Alekhuogie’s photography called “Them Boys” explores the bodies and states of (un)dress, as he exposes and subverts the meanings and mythologies that we ascribe to fashions and the bodies they simultaneously cloak and reveal.

The photographs featured in this exhibition apply a type of printing called cyanotype, which uses salts and light to create a sort of “blueprint” of the piece.

Who is he?

Alekhuogie was born and raised from Los Angeles, California. He received his degrees from the School of Art Institute in Chicago and got his master at Yale in 2015. His work has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times and Time Magazine. Over the years, he has worked in photography, sculpture, video and much more.

Influence and inspiration

Alekhuogie’s biggest influence was Hiroshi Sugimoto, who traveled the world taking photos of seas, horizons and landscapes. Alekhuogie says, “Landscape is a big part of what I do and what I practice and how I became interested in photography.” He goes on to say that he “think[s] all of the work in this show is about landscape.” With this in mind, “Them boys” features the body as a landscape, and Alekhougie claims that the series revolves around “thinking about the body as an arena where people are sort of enacting a kind of cultural theater. Like what I feel like we are going through in this present day.”  

What now?

Alekhuogie has been studying classic sculptures and this is due to growing up playing sports. He talks about how he imagined Michael Jordan as a kind of hero and a character “like in a play that is flattened against our cultural conversation about him.” Alekhuogie sees the sculptures as another type of hero.

“Them Boys” looks at the ideas of race, culture, and politics. Alekhuogie turns his experiences into works of art that make you question what can be considered a “landscape”. From sagging pants with Tommy Hilfiger underwear to the Nike swoosh, “Them Boys” is a collection of artwork that stands out.

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