Green week and earth day clean up

Kiara Fox |


The Environmental Club and Campus Activities and Engagement are having a Green Week in attempts to bring awareness to environmental issues that affect every student, which will conclude with an Earth Day Clean Up on April 21.


Green Week

In the past years, there have been events like Hug A Tree Day where students got the chance to hug a person dressed up like a tree. This event will also happen again this semester. Other events include We Heart Clean Water Wednesday, which will include a discussion about the benefits of living near the lake. There will also be a planter event that will give students an opportunity to bring a plant home.

According to Autumn Hamilton, who is the chair of the Green Week committee and the President of The Environmental Club, Green Week is “a celebration and [creates] awareness of green related topics. It will bring awareness to local [environmental] topics as well as global ones.”


Make an impact

Earth Day Clean Up will be a chance for students to go out in local communities and make a positive difference. Earth Day Clean Up is one of their biggest events and will mark the end of Green Week. Students will not only  be able to physically clean up the Earth, “they will also get the chance to admire the Earth” Hamilton explains. This outdoor volunteering opportunity is unique because students get to interact with the outside world around them.


The Environment Club will also be visiting other clubs and students can sign up at these events as well. For further information about Green Week and the Earth Day Clean up, contact Autumn Hamilton at


By coming out to Earth Day Clean Up, students can gain volunteer hours while helping to clean up the environment. They can make a difference in the community while enjoying fresh air and the beauty that nature has to offer.



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