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Nature-ViewBRYAN MALEK JR. | malek003@rangers.uwp.edu

In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded with social media notifications on our phones, tablets and laptops. We seem to always have a screen illuminating our faces and showing the blank expression of disinterest. Sure, we may enjoy seeing pictures of your aunt and her new dog, watching videos of pointless acts, and hours of T.V. shows without commercials or lag-time between episodes, but are we really engaged? Have you ever been so engulfed into your screen that when you look away you feel as misplaced and perplexed as if you were just staring at a wall for hours? Well, you are not alone, because it turns out that you have the same amount of brain activity watching a screen that you do staring at a wall. I have found myself in this predicament, and I have found ways to disconnect from the screen and reconnect with nature.

Going outside gives a person a natural feeling of being content and happy. Even if it is an ordinary day with the sun shining and a sky of blue, you could go for a walk or bike ride and find yourself feeling engaged and connected with the world around you. If all you want to do is just sit and relax, go do it outside in a park or in your backyard and I guarantee you’ll feel more relaxed than if you sat inside on your computer all day. These are some quick and simple solutions to detach from technology, but I will recommend to do something more fascinating.

The United States of America offers some of the most beautiful lands in the world. From mountains to valleys, prairies to forest, there is nothing more astonishing then being engulfed in them. At the moment, every state has places set aside that are dedicated to conserving and preserving the natural beauty for your viewing pleasure. So take a road trip somewhere! Get friends and family together to go camping and hiking; close or far, plan it out and do it. The feeling of hiking up a mountainside or waking up and seeing a quiet pristine lake is sublime. Sometimes just standing and looking into the openness can be enough to feel empowered. The connection between you and the wilderness can only be experienced by being physically present. Disconnect with technology and reconnect with yourself in nature.

Bryan Malek Jr. is a senior majoring in liberal studies and is the Public Relations Officer of PEC.

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