DACA resolution: A symbol of solidarity

DSC_0029NAOMI DORNFELD | dornf001@rangers.uwp.edu

Student Government leaders finalize resolution to send to campus administrators and consider next steps

With the repeal of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) an administrative protection against deportation of eligible immigrant youth, many students across the country face the daunting risk of displacement. In response to the threat this poses to UW-Parkside DACA recipients, Parkside Student Government leaders have begun discussing how to best address the issue.

Symbol of solidarity

Parkside Student Government Vice President Keough Lemieux affirms the need for action to take place, but also considers the possible negative consequences of declaring Parkside as a “Sanctuary School”, since it could draw unwanted attention and increase potential risk for DACA recipients. Considering the issue’s complexity, Keough states, “UW-Parkside DACA recipients are a tremendous asset to our community. For now, the resolution is a mostly symbolic statement that we stand with DACA recipients and the organization will hopefully be taking more steps forward in the future.”

Current resolution

As of March 22, 2018, the resolution states the following: Parkside Student Government, stands with “undocumented Youth and DACAmented” individuals in an effort to help maintain UW-Parkside’s climate of diversity and inclusivity, supports, and informs about DACA by creating programs and to incorporate our campus as a safe zone that protects all of those who would be impacted by the repeal of DACA. This initial resolution will be sent to campus administrators. A slightly modified version may be in the works to send to off-campus organizations in the greater Southeast Wisconsin community.

Thoughts from Senate

Parkside Student Government Senator Sarah Myer expressed her thoughts on the decision after the original document revisions, saying, “with the edits that have been made to first and by adding specification, we have made it a good first resolution.” Nodding in agreement, Senator Loveneet Sidhu added, “I support the resolution that is a work in progress right now because it highlights a real concern. It is an issue that students who attend UW campuses are facing and it does need to be brought to light.” Although standing in support of the current resolution, Loveneet calls for the the need to act with caution, adding, “We want to help, not hurt, DACA recipients, so we are seeking more information before we move ahead.” The Parkside Student Government resolves to stand in solidarity with DACA recipients and continues to brainstorm the more effective approach to make UW-Parkside a safe space, indiscriminately.

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