A generation taking a stand

high school protestsALYSSA GOROSKI | goros001@rangers.uwp.edu

While high school may not be a pleasant time for most students, it is at least supposed to be memorable. For most people, the clearest memories that come to mind are dances, sporting events and cafeteria squabbles. For others, it is unwarranted and horrific violence. Spurred by memories of students that have passed due to school shootings over the decades and the recent shooting in Parkland, FL, students have begun protesting and pushing for change.

Why is it that the generation that has been dubbed the “New Silent Generation” are the ones that are speaking out against such a pressing issue? In a world where older generations often accuse the younger ones of only caring about avocados and smartphones, it is those same avocado-loving generations that are speaking out, and ultimately, walking out. With all of this attention that students are getting, it should make the rest of the country wonder what we are doing to support what we believe in.

Students are taking a stand about what they think is important by walking out of classrooms during the school day in protest. Some of them have been personally affected by gun violence, whether they have lost a friend or a family member, and others are walking out because they do not want to be a victim of it.

The concept of walking out in protest is spreading to other political ideas as well. Students in California wonder why they could not protest abortion just as others across the country protested other types of violence. This type of political action, while on a small scale to the rest of the world, promotes speculation in young people. It could encourage new, revolutionary ideas that older generations claim that the younger ones do not, and perhaps should not, have.

Whether you agree with the various high school students’ opinions or not, it is notable to mention the action they are taking. Often times, the intent of making a difference only goes as far as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram newsfeeds that fill up with articles and opinions that one could “like”, “heart” or “share”, crossing fingers and toes that someday, somehow, it will make a change somewhere.

The opinions of a new generation is generally a prickly topic, but when the nation’s up-and-coming generation is standing up for what they believe in, whether it be an anti-gun stance or a pro-life opinion, then there has to be hope for America’s future. I suppose the question is, then, if high schoolers are speaking out, then what are you doing to support what you believe in?    


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