The Therapy Club is ambitious, informative


What’s the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy? If you do not know the difference, then you can be forgiven. Before psychology major Kevin Stearns began to work on Parkside’s newest club, he did not know either.

Under the guidance of academic advisor Kim Armstrong, Stearns founded the Therapy Club, an educational organization completely focused on informing students about their academic pathways to working in the field of therapy.

Informational meetings

The club’s second meeting took place on March 5th. At least a dozen students attended, and about half of them were new members, all of whom come from different backgrounds and majors.

Throughout the meeting presentation, Stearns presented several essential pieces of advice and information for aspiring medical workers. “You will need a lot of volunteer hours,” he explained, when referring to occupational therapy requirements. “The Therapy Club will offer opportunities and connections for this over the course of the semester.”

Stearns began the club to inform students about the various career paths within healthcare, beyond the traditional nurse and physician positions. Specializing in therapy, either occupational or physical, is an important role, needed to help elderly, injured, disabled, traumatized, and special needs patients.

The club’s future

To help keep the student body informed about the importance of therapy, Therapy Club plans to host guest speakers at its meetings, offer networking opportunities, and deliver important information to students of all disciplines.

If you or someone you know is interested in a career in therapy or psychology, or if you are simply interested in getting involved on campus with an educational club, then stop by the open-door meetings at Molinaro D128, held each Monday at noon.

If you would like to support their cause with publicity, like their page on Facebook or check out their Campus Connect profile:



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