No Victims club brings self-defense to campus

Sam Roochnik and Steve Bullin demonstrate a bear-hug escape technique to participants in summer 2017.

Their mission: To encourage confidence



No Victims Self-Defense club is an organization on campus devoted to educating members on ways to better protect themselves in a dangerous situation. Club officers Steve Bullin and Ethan Costello created the organization in spring of 2017. Soon after the club was established, UW-Parkside student and veteran Sam Roochnik met with Steve and Ethan and joined as an instructor.

Instructions from a martial artist

Sam Roochnik is currently the lead instructor for No Victims and has a successful background in martial arts. Sam worked as a martial artist instructor in the Marine Corps for over two years, using a form of martial arts developed by the Marine Corps known as MCMAP, or the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Despite MCMAP’s use in the military, Sam is able to translate these skills into basic self-defense lessons for members. Some of the moves taught in No Victims include falling safely, correct stance and basic hand/palm strikes.

Confidence through self defense

One of the key lessons No Victims instills in its members is the confidence in being able to protect themselves. No Victims hopes that this confidence will translate into all aspects of member’s lives, especially leading a safe and healthy lifestyle. Sam pointed out that No Victims “gives people the opportunity to practice basic skills that work and knowing that and being aware of your surroundings is really all we can do outside of formal training.”  Moreover, the club hopes that being aware of your surroundings and how to properly and safely protect yourself will leave a lasting positive impression on member’s lives.

Where and when

No Victims meets every Friday from 12p.m.-1p.m. and Sunday from 6p.m.-7p.m. in the Sports and Activity Center combatives room. Meetings are open to all UW-Parkside students, faculty and staff as well as any interested community members from the Racine and Kenosha area. Sam explains the overall tone and goal of No Victims by saying, “we aren’t masters but…if you sweep a guy down and that’s all you know, you get a chance to run away. Its basic stuff but it’s hard, fast, first.” Sam and No Victims make it a priority to teach others safe ways of protecting themselves and being confident in their abilities.

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