Outstanding Faculty Award presented to Parkside instructor Michelle Gabor

Professor Michelle Gabor receiving her award in the Dean’s office. 

NAOMI DORNFELD | dornf@rangers.uwp.edu

UW-Parkside instructor Michelle Gabor, an associate business lecturer, was recognized by the University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium as an honorable recipient of the 2017 UW MBA Outstanding Faculty Award this February.

Class nomination

In Oct. 2017, students enrolled in the UW system’s MBA programs were given an opportunity to nominate staff for the Outstanding Faculty Award. Michelle Gabor, an MBA program graduate, celebrated UW-Parkside alumna and incoming online instructor, was named a noteworthy candidate by students enrolled in her Accounting Foundations course that she taught in the fall semester. According to the feedback retrieved for consideration by the UW MBA Consortium, Gabor was noted for being remarkably responsive and deliberate in communication throughout the term.

The online Consortium announcement referenced one student’s opinion, saying that “Michelle provided excellent feedback on all the work we’ve done through throughout the course. Her feedback was in fact one of the most valuable part[s] in learning the subject.” Another student said, “Professor Gabor is the most timely instructor I’ve had in terms of responding to questions and grading assignments.”

A strategy for success

As identified through the feedback received from students, what sets her apart in an online classroom setting is her unusual accessibility and attentiveness to students and and their work. “I remember being a student,” Gabor states. “When the assignment you receive on Wednesday is due Friday and you’re not getting the help you need, the need will continue into the next week and so on.” As many students can likely attest, when a building block of course content is not fully grasped or late work accumulates, it becomes difficult to succeed throughout the duration of the class.

One strategy Gabor implemented through the term, to be available for assistance as needed, was a 24-hour response window; if a student posted a question, she would either respond within that time frame or make a comment that the concern would be addressed at a later time.

The aim of instruction

Although timely responses, thorough feedback and consistent communication are indicators that Michelle provides excellent service as an instructor, it is the conviction for the responsibility of educators that drives her to deliver excellence in the classroom. In a reflection of how to approach growth as an educator, Michelle says that “it’s really about how the students learn. They’re the ones paying the money. We owe it to them to do a good job.” It is because of this attitude towards student service that qualifies her for such an award.

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