Track season begins on a positive note

TrevaughnBrown 2
Track star Trevaughn Brown and his high-jump winning leap (via UWP-Athletics)

Marquise Jenkins |

Track season update

The Ranger News examines the track team, as their season started on Jan. 13. Fortunately the members of the team having avoided any severe injuries to this point. So far, they have only had three home meets. On Jan. 19, there were six teams competing, and the Rangers took first place– not bad to start the season.

Off to a great start

On Jan. 27 the Rangers took fourth place, and on Feb. 3 the Rangers earned second place. Tavian Stewart won both the 200-meter dash and the long jump. The Rangers’ next meet will be away at Allendale, Michigan as they compete with Grand Valley State on Feb. 9 and 10 at 9 a.m.

Last year season

Last year, the Rangers opened the season with two first place and one second place finishes at meets. The Rangers have a very solid team with great athletic talent. They will continue to develop everyday and improve their standards for future competitions.

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