A Message from Nature

KELLIE LUTZ | lutz0008@rangers.uwp.edu


I have many opinions on the environment.
I wonder why I am here to express an opinion on it.
The truth is, I have a huge passion with the current state of the world,
But it is discouraging to discuss
There are not many outlets available
To express methods of healing
In a time full of pain
How much time is there?
In healing the current condition of planet earth
Identity vs. planet earth
Time vs. planet earth
Will Power vs. planet earth
Netflix and chill vs. planet earth
Mindless indulgences vs. planet earth
Capitalism vs. planet earth
How much time do we have?
When we aren’t distracted…

The world as we know it
Offers so much for us,
And we take it all for granted.
To do this only makes a weight
Which over time causes uncertainty
Which then makes us lost
Which then veers us away
From our path

A path to life
A path to nature
A path to health
To healing
To nurture
To love The Earth cries for this, as we all do.
We are one in the same
We just don’t listen enough

We have many opportunities-
Yet my one choice
Is to be one
With earth,
And her health,
For our health.
We have many opportunities,
We have been rejecting.
Cities are beautiful-
But forests….
A forgotten beauty.

How much time do we have?
All the time in the world
In your world
In our world
Us vs. planet earth

It’s all a choice
To either live in the infrastructure of a decaying world
Or to rebuild a harmony with life itself
We, the people
Radiant beings
Full of life

And who is the source for the radiant beings-
We, the people?
Earth to identity
Earth to consciousness
Earth to psyche
Earth to origins
Earth to roots
Earth to compassion
Earth to gifts
Earth to abundance
The food we have is here
The love we have is here
The earth offers love and food

Kellie Lutz is a senior majoring in communications and is the PR officer of PEC.

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