OMSA screens “More Than a Word”


Maikou Lor pic.jpg
Maikou Lor

“More Than a Word” is a modern documentary by Kevin Bruyneel, and it brings to light current issues in the Native American community. A large portion of the documentary focuses on the legal battle surrounding the name Redskins American football team. The movie also looked at historical Native American struggles and current issues.

Native Americans have long been depicted as mascots for many different sports teams. The documentary talks about how sociological research has found that this has a negative effect on Native American youth.

I found the documentary to be very interesting, and there were refreshments and snacks provided.  I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the student organizers of the event, Maikou Lor.

“We decided to choose a to have a movie as an event is because it would be a different way to present information about Native American culture,” stated Lor. Having a movie night creates a social event that is fun and educational. Exposure to these issues can help facilitate dialogue.

Significance of the movie

Lor said, “Being a new film, it was a great opportunity to be able to showcase this film to the university and help bring awareness to the current issues that Native Americans have. It creates a connection to people who are unaware of the issue that this is current, happening now. “ This movie not only addressed the current problems, but it also shows the work of the Native American people.

Lor found the movie to be interesting because it shows why people support or do not support the name change. Lor stated, “Though I personally agree with the filmmakers that it should be changed due to what the name means and the history behind it.”

This was a well put together event. The documentary showed current issues in the Native American community. I think everyone could learn something from this documentary.


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