Westosha Central choir to visit and perform

Kinchen_James_large 2
James Kinchen

KIARA FOX | fox00034@rangers.uwp.edu

UW- Parkside is well known for hosting spectacular performances including the Noon Concert Series and numerous plays and musicals. Frances Bedford Concert Hall is no stranger to being the home of these performances. The Westosha Central Combined Concert Choir and UW-Parkside’s choir will perform on Dec. 10 at 3:30 pm.

What to expect

With the holidays in full swing, one might expect to hear only Christmas songs, but this performance will have other music as well. According to James Kinchen, who is the director of choral activities, “The Westosha Central Combined Concert Choir and UW-P’s choir will perform the piece GLORIA by 18th century Italian composer, Antonio Vivaldi,” Kinchen mentioned that there will be other music on the program aside from Gloria. “There will also be separate performances by Kalyn Harewood, Kyle Lipp, Rae’Kwon Banks, Ben Briseldin, Rodnay Owens, Hannah Leclair, and Byrell Lampkins will all have solos,” said Kinchen.

Behind it all

The benefit of having high school students join college choirs is the community and campus involvement that it provides. “For starters, we are able to leverage what we are as a program, department, college, and institution and what we have to offer in a way that enriches our own students, serves the PK12 choral community, and offers a quality performance to listeners. This project allows us to recruit students and to also make yet another statement to people who don’t know so much about our campus about the quality of what we do and have to offer,” Kinchen stated.

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