UW Students statewide lobby for higher education

PSG reps (back) at a meeting with political representatives to discuss higher education.       PHOTO COURTESY PSG

AUSTIN KRIEGER | krieg004@rangers.uwp.edu

UW Lobby Day gives students a chance to speak for higher education, and January 2018 will hold the annual UW Lobby Day in Washington D.C., which UW-Parkside and student governments from all UW campuses were invited.

Lobbying for higher education

Lobby Day will offer students from all around the UW System a chance to make their voice heard to congress on important issues for higher education. In addition to delegation with congress members and their staff, students will hear from Alumni of the UW System and learn about how to make themselves effective advocates for the UW System.  


Campuses participating

Parkside Student Government (PSG) will be unable to attend due to funding restraints. PSG president Jessica Diaz spoke highly of partnering student governments stating, “We have a good relationship with the all of the student representatives and we are confident that they represent many issues that we strongly believe in.” One of the attending student governments will be UW-Eau Claire and their Vice President Nick Webber, which is closely partnered with PSG.


Focus of the trip  

Webber gave a clear focus of the trip and what they would like to accomplish in saying that “We hope to continue to foster healthy relationships with elected officials and staff on both sides of the aisle in order to further the aims and interests of students in the UW System and the nation.” The purpose of this trip is to give students an opportunity to reach out and make higher education a point of discussion and focus.  


Addressing legislators

Students of the UW System will collaborate with different advocacy groups in D.C. and meet with legislators in person to discuss higher education issues.  Attending the trip will be 27 students who are part of their university’s student government from various campuses across the state. During the upcoming trip on Jan. 8-11, students will meet with members of Wisconsin’s delegation, members of the Senate’s HELP or Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, as well as the House Committee on Education and Workforce.


Federally supporting higher education   

Lobby day will be a great opportunity for college students to reach out to federal legislators and have issues of higher education be addressed. The trip will hopefully shed new light on the issues faced by college students and eventually be addressed by federal legislators. PSG cheers on their fellow student legislators and has high hopes for the positive outcomes to stem from Lobby Day.  

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