Wrestling team grinds for new season

MARQUISE JENKINS|Jenki043@rangers.uwp.edu

The wrestling team’s seasons began Saturday Nov. 4 at Stevens Point. Conner Price, from Muskego Wisconsin, is a senior here at UW-Parkside and wrestles in the 184 lb weight class.

Warming up

Price talks about how the team warms up for practice. He says, “Warming up is mostly jogging and getting the heart rate up. We mix in some skipping, squat jumping, then a quick dynamic stretch before we get into things. Getting loose and warm is ideal to prevent injuries during practice.”

Preparing for the season

Price also talks about how the team prepares for the season. “During preseason, we do a lot of strength and conditioning workouts,” Price states. Price says that the team does “some type of running/ conditioning twice a week to spike our heart rate and push our lunges.”

“Then we are in the weight room 3x a week. We only spend two days a week in the wrestling room during the preseason because, this time of the year is more devoted to making sure our bodies are a good baseline physically, going into the actual season.”

The toughest player

One of the toughest wrestlers on the team, according to Price, is Nick Becker. Price states, “He’s an undefeated two-time NCAA Division II national champion He’s coming back second semester and is working to win a third national title at 174 lbs.. He is an extremely hard worker, great leader and a great teammate.” He also has high praise for Becker as an athlete and student. He says, “he does all the right things that a student athlete should.”

Personal goals

Price’s goals for the season, like most athletes, is to become a champion and to pursue excellence. He explains, “The goal is to win a national title myself. Next, I want to be an Academic All-American, as well as to doing everything in my power to help my teammates become national champs and All-Americans.”

Path to success

Price has a plan to help him achieve his goals. He says, “I believe the best way to achieve all of this is by focusing on the little things technically, and pushing myself to give my best effort every single day. Along with that, doing all the right things academically, athletically and in extracurricular activities.”

He adds, “I think we are extremely lucky with the coaching staff we have. They are at a high level, highly respected group of guys that are devoted to making sure we achieve our goals, and I have complete trust in them and their ability to prepare us to be the best we can possibly be.”


Price talks about what he does in the off-season to prepare for the wrestling season. He says he prepares by getting stronger and perfecting his technique.

Price is very dedicated to wrestling, Wrestling is a hard sport to compete in and requires an athlete to sacrifice their body each day. His aspiration for the season is to win a national title this year. No doubt he can achieve this by the hard work he puts forth and his dedication to the sport.

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