Students hold drive for hurricane victims


It has been over a month since the deadly hurricanes have swept over Puerto Rico and still, its residences remain without electricity. Energy based companies such as Telsa, Duracell, Sonnen, SunRun and Vivint have come forward and offered to aid the island in gaining power.

In fact, Telsa, a solar panel manufacturing company, has offered to restore power to Puerto Rico via solar energy. Elon Musk, the CEO of the franchise, reached out to the Puerto Rican governor through Twitter in order to extend this offer.

As a result, power within a Puerto Rican Children’s Hospital has officially been restored. Musk and Ricardo Rosselló, the governor, are said to be discussing ways to bring even more power to the island.

Giving back

Fortunately, Telsa and friends are not the only ones giving back. Luckily, we have heroes right here in our own backyard.

The Black Student Union, Latinos Unidos, UW-Parkside’s Environmental Club and Habitat for Humanity have teamed up to host a monetary drive for hurricane victims all across the globe. The proceeds will be split evenly between Texas and Puerto Rico, in order to aid the victims of both Harvey and Maria.

According to the UNICEF foundation, nearly 1 million Texan children were unable to start school due to the hurricane. Therefore, the proceeds from the Harvey campaign will go towards the restoration of educational institutions. The goal is to resurrect the Texas school systems in hopes that children can quickly “get back to school and back to learning.”

On the contrary, the proceeds from the Maria campaign will be geared toward something else entirely. It is no secret that the citizens of Puerto Rico are struggling. Countless locals have gone without food, water or shelter for weeks, leaving many in need of medical treatment that remains unavailable.

Therefore, through this monetary drive, UW-Parkside students hope to provide Puerto Rico with the critical support it most desperately needs. As a result, the campaign’s proceeds will help sponsor the distribution of emergency relief kits and clean water. UNICEF, a nonprofit known for its worldwide humanitarian efforts, will sponsor both of these monetary campaigns.

How to donate

Habitat for Humanity is “extremely excited” to partner up with Black Student Union, Latinos Unidos and the Environmental Club to raise money for such a worthy cause. Not to mention that they are looking forward to witnessing the joy that the relief efforts will bring.

The monetary drive began Oct.  30 and will extend until Nov. 27. Students who would like to donate are encouraged to contact Almir Ismani ( and Casey Paulson ( or visit the Habitat for Humanity Facebook page for more information.


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