History Club offers in-depth fun and conversation

RORY LARSON|larso066@rangers.uwp.eduhc1

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside History Club is a space for those with a passion for history or an interest in the past. Club President John Green expressed that history is a part of everything, a universal subject.

“History is the reason we exist today,” said President Green. Without the knowledge we have of the past we would never be where we are today. Everything and everyone has a history.

History club hosts weekly meetings in Molinaro 121, aka “The Vault”, from noon to one p.m., as well as other events throughout the semester such as trivia, a bi-annual bonfire, and the “Lunch With a Professor” program.

“Lunch With a Professor” is one of the club’s most important events, providing students and professors with the opportunity to bridge the gap between worlds and interact and discuss topics that they might not normally have the opportunity to. The event is usually hosted on Wednesdays and includes free pizza and the chance to listen to many different kinds of speakers from professors to museum professionals. Students get to meet a new expert each event and have an open discussion about almost anything.

Past topics of discussion have included the path to becoming a librarian or an archivist, what you need to know about graduate school, becoming a researcher and how to put that knowledge onto your paper. Lunch does not just include university and education geared topics, but often includes a chance to converse with an expert in a less formal and more comfortable environment than a typical classroom or lecture hall. History Club is also collaborating with the Geography and Anthropology clubs to bring a variety of future events to interested students.

History Club’s Vault is open Monday through Friday at various times outside of club events. It is an informal space for students to gather and socialize, eat lunch, study, ask questions about general history topics or classes, check out books from the club’s own personal library and to just hang out. The club boasts members from many majors including anthropology, education, and theater and is always looking to expand membership even more beyond history majors and minors.

“I find that everyone I’ve met so far through history club has been more than welcoming and there are deep friendships that extend beyond the history discipline.” Club member Gia Reeves says.  “History club is a nice place to just hang out and relax.” Vice President Eric Thompson added.

Those looking for interesting history facts, memes and discussions are welcome to drop by The Vault any time and join the University of Wisconsin Parkside’s History Club.


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