Black Student Union to visit national conference

UW-Parkside’s Black Student Union (BSU) is set to travel to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, to attend the National Black Student Union Conference from Nov. 17-19. All of the executive board members and three other lucky students get to represent UW-Parkside.

BSU’s purpose

BSU is a student-run organization on campus that tries to unify black students on campus. BSU offers a safe place and a chance for black students to feel connected with other black students on campus.

BSU focuses on educating everyone. According to Martel McMurtry, the secretary of BSU, “Most events and information provided is based on black culture which is so important, not only for the students of color, but also to further the liberal arts experience for all students.”

On campus, BSU has promoted cultural awareness through events such as the shooting stars candlelight vigil, which was used as a safe space to pay respects to people who have died as a result of systematic injustice. They also held an event called “Know Your Roots”that encouraged people to embrace their culture.

National Black Student Union Conference

This year marks the 20th National Black Student Union Conference and ties into the theme “Twenty Years of Networking with Black Student Unions Across America”. Participating colleges include UW-Stout, UW-Oshkosh, Howard University, and Lewis University. Some speakers include Marilyn M. Irving, a professor of science education and the associate dean for research and sponsored programs at Howard University, and Richard C. McGregory, who serves as the executive director of strategic communication and achievement accountability for Robbinsdale Area Schools in New Hope, Minnesota.

This national conference will offer students a chance to participate in workshops that will educate students. Many speakers have been invited to speak about their professions and give insight into what it means to be black in the professional world. The members that will be attending can use this advice to help strengthen the unity of its members and the campus as a whole.

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