Latinos Unidos and OMSA come together

Kiara Fox |

Friday Oct. 20, was no ordinary night. Latinos Unidos and The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs hosted an event called “Celebration Fiesta.” Celebration Fiesta was an event that marked the end of Hispanic Heritage month.

Latinos Unidos and Hispanic Heritage Month

Latinos Unidos hosted many events on campus for Hispanic Heritage month. These events all tried to encompass what it means to be Hispanic and why it needs to be celebrated. Some of these events included the Kickoff, Game Night, and even a Breast Cancer Awareness event. According to Crystal Garcia, the President of Latinos Unidos, breast cancer is not often talked about in the Latino community. Hence the need for an informative event. Hispanic Heritage Month came to an end on October 15 and what better way to celebrate a month full of pride and appreciation of Latino culture than by throwing a fiesta?  

Dance, Eat, and Play

Celebration Fiesta included lots of dancing. They played Musical chairs throughout the night and featured Hispanic music from artists like Pitbull. Toward the end of the night, members of Latinos Unidos actually taught the people in attendance a few moves. Couple-dances were seen as well. What is a celebration without any food? Nachos could be smelled from the student center and tied perfectly with the celebration of the Latino community. To top it off, a piñata was introduced during the end of the event.

Impact On Campus

Both Latinos Unidos and The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, try to show the importance of  diversity on campus. “Celebration Fiesta” was just one of many of successful events that brought different cultures to campus. Corey Hoskins, a student on campus and an attendee of “Celebration Fiesta” said, “Having different cultural events on campus lets others who are not members of these communities get a chance to see what it is like. It lets other cultures shine and highlights the importance of embracing differences.” Having diverse events on campus brings the students of all different culture and communities together.

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