A showcase of talent

KIARA FOX |fox0034@rangers.uwp.edu

The Den is the home of many events on campus, and on Oct. 24, The Den was turned into the venue for Open Mic Night. Straylight and The Beat came together and hosted this event, and Straylight had a bake sale and some books for sale. Open Mic Night lets students relieve some stress from midterms.

Straylight & The Beat

Straylight is a literary magazine that calls UW-Parkside their home, but does not just limit themselves to on campus work. Straylight accepts works of fiction, poetry and art from all around the world. Straylight has put on some remarkable events including open mic nights, interviews with poets and even discussions about books.  

The Beat is UW-Parkside’s music organization. This org accepts all students who love music of all kinds. The Beat has made an impact on campus by using music as a way to connect to others. They hosted an original music festival that let students perform original music for the community and other students to hear. Together these two clubs have let students show off their creative talents.

The dynamics

Open Mic Night was a room full of supporting students. A round of applause followed every act and event some high fives were given. A notebook sat on the front table and was used to keep track of the order of all the performers. Students could just walk up and sign themselves up, which lessened the pressure. The Den offered a mix between a formal and informal venue. The couches put a relaxed vibe into play, while the lights and microphone offered a more professional settings. Overall, this mix of opposing atmospheres helped shaped Open Mic Night into a unique event.

The stars that stole the show

All of the students that performed during Open Mic Night showed extreme talent and creativity. Joshua talked about his excitement for the Final Fantasy VII remake. He highlighted what he wanted to see and the progress of the game. Crystal and Grace kept Open Mic Night interesting by performing original poems. Crystal talked about the Christian God while Grace talked about the contrasting people you meet in a psychological center. Hannah showcased her robust lungs by singing “Must Be Love On The Brain” by Rihanna. Rachel got the crowd laughing by using stand up comedy. The way Shawn played the cello would have made Yo Yo Ma proud. But overall, the spectacular performances done by all made the event memorable.

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