UW-Parkside hit with postseason ban

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Coach Luke Riegel and UW-Parkside’s men’s basketball team at last year’s GLVC.              COURTESY OF HTTP://WWW.KENOSHANEWS.COM/

BRAEDEN RUSSELL | russe032@rangers.uwp.edu

With the initial ruling coming in February, Parkside started the long process of dealing with athletic sanctions due to some basic clerical errors that gave some players an extra semester of eligibility.

Parkside self-reported and investigated the sanctions. However, some third-party groups were brought in by the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) and the NCAA. It was at this point that some challenges arose, as the GLVC, NCAA, and Parkside all claimed three different numbers as to how many players across various sports received extra eligibility.

This resulted in the sanctions first handed down in February and then upheld in August and followed through by the NCAA stating that no University of Wisconsin Parkside athletic team can play in the postseason for either the GLVC or the NCAA. For reference, as punishment a secondary violation usually results in simply a monetary fine.

Meanwhile between 2014-15 Auburn university self-reported 33 instances of secondary violations including coaches giving families of recruits $150 dollars which resulted in nearly no punishment. This led to the belief, by many in the Athletic Department, that UW-Parkside was no longer welcome in the GLVC.

What Is a Secondary Violation?
According to the NCAA Bylaw a Secondary Violation falls under these categories. First, isolated or inadvertent in nature. Second, provides or is intended to provide only a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage. Third, does not include any significant impermissible benefit.  According to the NCAA Bylaws the penalties should follow the following rules, penalties should:  Affect the area in which the violation occurred (e.g., financial aid violation = financial aid penalty); Be designed to affect the involved sport program, not just the involved individual; and  go beyond just eliminating the advantage (e.g., two-for-one). With all this information many could argue that even though the sanctions happened across many sports that the ones such as soccer that did not violate any rules were unfairly punished, and that rather than follow the rules for punishment the GLVC and the NCAA rather just rolled everything up into one bow and tried to pass it off. You will notice that nowhere in the penalties is a postseason ban said and that most secondary violations result in just financial penalties. Due to this unfortunate violation many teams across Parkside will be unnecessarily affected by the ban.

Parkside Team effected by Ban:
Many Parkside teams made the postseason in one way or another last season. Including the men’s wrestling team, where Nick Becker won his second straight National Championship. After the sanctions the wrestling team had to give up their GLVC Conference Title that they earned last season. The Men’s Basketball team who was made both the GLVC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament in each of the last 5 seasons, a run that, due to the ban, will now come to an end. These are only some of the Parkside teams who made the postseason last year who will not be able to compete this year, but have a chance to compete next year in a new conference.

Parkside Joins the GLIAC:
Parkside, following unanimous vote, joined the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC), a Conference that frequently competed against the GLVC for NCAA Tournament spots. Parkside will officially join the GLIAC on July 1st, 2018. They will immediately be given full membership rights and be allowed to participate in all postseason play, something that the GLVC did not guarantee after these sanctions came out. Though nobody from the university will say for certain that the GLVC sanctions caused Parkside to leave, those within the programs can read between the lines.

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