Parkside Oddities: Not the average club


Courtesy of the UW-Parkside oddities Facebook page


Staying involved on campus is a key component of having a successful college career. Thankfully, UW-Parkside has many clubs and organizations ranging from Greek life to academic success and there is even a club dedicated to the weirdness that all humans possess.

What once started out as a club, committed to celebrating Halloween year round, has turned into an organization that is everything odd. Kaija Daniels, the president of the club, said that the club is here to help the campus become more fun while expressing an emphasis on acceptance and tolerance. All the members believe that everyone is different and that coming together based on those differences is key.

Organized chaos

The club meets every Monday from 12-1 in Molinaro 142. Each meeting starts out on a high note thanks to Kaija. She likes to show cute pictures of animals or cute videos to get the club in high spirits before actually starting to work. They like to incorporate a blacklist, which is a list that keeps track of obscene or offensive things that cannot be discussed in meetings.

The UW-Parkside Oddities have these meetings to not only have fun and keep contact with each other, but to also plan entertaining events. They have helped with the Haunted Tunnels, had bakes sales and even had fortune telling. The Oddities are planning future events for the campus including game night, a meme 101 class, a murder mystery event and even a great turkey hunt.


Being different is key

When out and about, the members of UW-Parkside Oddities can be noticed with a lot of screaming and laughing. They are always having a good time.

To be a member of this club, all a student needs is a positive attitude and have a willingness to accept everyone. The club will introduce students to unique things that will change the way they look at the world. To be a member, one must be able show their awkwardness and be ready to accept everyone. If a student feels like they do not belong, suggest they take a look at the UW-Parkside Oddities.


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