Lumina grant to go to low-income students

Lumina Foundation logo.



A united front

They say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Well, if this is true, then UW-Parkside is on the right track. UW-Parkside, Gateway Technical College, Building Our Future of Kenosha County, Higher Expectations of Racine County and Talent Hub have partnered with Lumina Foundation in order to make post-secondary education attainable for all students.

These six institutions plan to implement a myriad of strategies in order to improve higher education and post-grad opportunities. Their strategy includes working together as one to combine resources, address inequalities, manipulate data and analyze and critique outcomes.

A grant that changes the game

The Lumina Foundation has hand picked 17 communities throughout the United States to receive a grant of $350,000. This grant will improve student life and local education efforts, by aiding the community in cultivating the public. The foundation refers to these communities as “Talent Hubs” or exceptional districts that shine above the rest.
Some of these  “Talent Hubs” include  New Mexico, Texas, Massachusetts, Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, California, Tennessee, New York and last but not least, Racine, Wisconsin.

A new approach to education

The schools that will receive the grant in the Racine area are UW-Parkside and Gateway Technical College.  This money will be used to improve each institution in profound ways.  For instance, it will maximize credit transfers, make the school system easier to navigate, localize college access, build profound community partnerships and help strengthen math programs.

It will maximize credit transfers by allowing credits to transfer over more smoothly and effectively. Additionally, it will make the system easier to navigate so that students, faculty, staff and incoming freshman are all on the same page.  It will also localize college access by making post-secondary information more attainable for high school students. In other words, they will have better access to the opportunities provided by each institution so that they can decide which one they’d like to attend. The program has forged many partnerships including ones with UW-Parkside, Gateway Technical College, Building Our Future, Higher Expectations and Talent Hub. Lastly, it will strengthen math programs by implementing strategies to get students excited about learning.  


All in all, this grant is sure to change the lives of many. Local students will be reaping its rewards for years to come. So whether a student of Gateway Technical College or UW-Parkside, one thing’s for sure, we will forever be grateful for the gifts it gives us.

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