UW-Parkside student builds our future

Marley Uran admiring the future

LAUREL MARCINKUS|marci@rangers.uwp.edu

Marley Uran is determined to change the world. Uran, a junior here at UW-Parkside, has recently taken on a prestigious internship for the local nonprofit, “Building Our Future.”

“Building Our Future,” is a community based academic organization that strives to provide school aged children with the best education possible.  This flourishing nonprofit has partnered with the national network “Strive Together” in order to ensure a “cradle to career approach.”  This perspective encourages students to seek college and enter the working world.

Uran is beyond excited to be apart of something so special and is looking forward to the experience it will bring. She says, “I’m so excited to be apart of this! It’s such a great opportunity!”

A leader for the community

Uran, a communication major and Public Relations minor, is set to write a series of articles for the Kenosha News, which will highlight all that “Building Our Future” is striving to do. She hopes that this platform will allow her to help young adults succeed and hopefully, convince them to get involved with the program.

However, Uran is most looking forward to writing about community bright spots. “I love learning about the work a community is doing to change and impact lives,” she says.  “I’m so honored to share this information and these opportunities with the people of Kenosha.”

A trailblazer

As the president for Habitat for Humanity and an aspiring non-profit CEO, Uran has already done quite a bit for the community already. For example,she has worked with various charities such as the AmeriCorps, HALO Inc., Charity Water and of course Habitat for Humanity. Uran volunteers whenever she can and unlike a lot of college kids, she is not just doing it for the resume boost.

Her continuous quest to lend a helping hand and her extensive humanitarian work, prove that she is working for the greater good. In high school, she traveled to Washington D.C. to attend a lobbying event for the non-profit “Invisible Children.”  Not only this, but she has also partaken in various mission trips, some of which, were in Africa, Georgia and Louisiana.

She says that these experiences have “stayed with her” and have inspired her to do her part to make the world around her a better place.

Inspiring others

Her kindness is touching, her mission is inspiring, and her relentless determination to spark change is setting the whole campus a flame.  She has encouraged so many students and staff to follow in her footsteps. Simmi Bharwani, a teaching assistant at UW-Parkside, says that Uran is “dedicated to empowering everyone.” She explains that “Marley is a genuine soul” that she thinks is hard to come by these days.


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