Parkside Range celebrates birthday

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On Sept. 8, 2017, Parkside Range, UW-Parkside’s contemporary a cappella group, celebrated its first anniversary together. The group has had a very successful first year and is hoping to continue the trend for many more.

However, most unfortunately and unexpectedly, the group has gone through some trouble with the passing of member Landon Brown in May of 2017. Despite this, and through many accomplishments together, the group has continued to stay unified in their passion for their music.

Getting started

Parkside Range was started the fall semester of 2016 by Professor Ami Bouterse and the current members of Range. Although discussions have occurred about the possibility of adding a contemporary concentration to the Vocal Music program in the past, it was not until this last fall that Range and the concentration came into place.

Part of Range’s debut was being the flagship ensemble for a new commercial contemporary music (CCM) track developed at UW-Parkside. This “track” for vocal music majors focuses around a more modern genre of music to study compared the traditional vocal or acapella program. This concentration serves to prepare students in music to have the skills to be successful after graduation, particularly in a contemporary sense as well as in all styles and genres of performances they find themselves in.

First birthday

Parkside Range held its first rehearsal on Sept. 8, 2016, so the group decided that would be the best day to hold the ensembles’ anniversary. After a year of hard work and triumph, together Range is making its name locally and nationally known as well.

Most notably, this last year the group was invited to the National Acapella Convention in Memphis, TN, and performed a set on one of the smaller stages. The response to the group’s performance was so well received the director of the convention asked them to later perform on the main stage of the convention. The group hopes to collect many more memories and accomplishments as the years move forward.

Remembering a member

At every one the shows Parkside Range has performed since May of this year, they have made sure to include Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on the setlist as a way of remembering their late friend and fellow vocalist Landen Brown. “Hallelujah” was one of Landen’s favorite pieces that the ensemble performed and the group thought it would only be right to keep the tradition of this song alive.

Professor Bouterse and the group described Landen as ” the heartbeat of the group” and this was true on and off stage as Landen was the one keeping beat during songs. Through this tough time Range has supported each other and hope to honor their friend at each show they perform.

Upcoming events

Parkside Range is open to anyone with an audition, and being a music major is not a requirement, the group itself has members for various different majors. This November, Range will be holding a featured performance in Parkside’s Mainstage, with the help advanced lighting design class to set the mood of the show through stage lighting.

In addition to this, Range will be holding more performances both on and off campus which they post onto their Facebook page “Parkside Range”, concerts on campus will also be posted on campus posters.


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