Parkside History Professor Earns Fellowship

Dr. Sandra Moats

Picture Courtesy of UW-Parkside



Dr. Sandra Moats was awarded a fellowship from UW-Madison for her book Building a Neutral Nation: America in the 18th century Atlantic.

Her research continues

Dr. Moats, an associate professor of history, whose research is focused on the early days of the American republic, was awarded a fellowship from UW-Madison’s institute for Research in the Humanities that will allow her to continue work on her upcoming book titled Building a Neutral Nation: America in the 18th century Atlantic.

She predicts to have her work finished by the end of her fellowship period and believes it is this fact that made her especially competitive for a fellowship. The focus of her book is U.S. neutrality during the French Revolutionary Wars and the relationship between neutrality and an early American Government, a topic on which not much scholarly work has been done.  

“Celebrating the Republic”

In the past Dr. Moats has written a book on the history of the American republic in the decades after it was founded Titled Celebrating the Republic. She says regarding her work that “We assume that the United States has always been very engaged in world affairs. Actually, this is only a recent phenomenon”.  She thinks that “George Washington wisely realized that our best course of action was to remain neutral… It wasn’t easy to do, but it was a necessary step. Otherwise… we would have been a British or French pawn.”

Award comes with perks

She adds that receiving the fellowship from UW-Madison has had additional perks to help her with her work. “The libraries are tremendously helpful, particularly the WI Historical Society. In addition, there is the community of scholars and the support and feedback that comes with that.”

If you are further interested in the fellowship program visit

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