Free expression resolution introduced to UW


The State of Wisconsin Legislature is considering a new Resolution on Freedom of Expression. Resolution II.10. would, if adopted, direct the UW System’s Board of Regents to adopt policy on free expression that includes disciplinary action against those who disrupt the free expression of others.

The Resolution does not affect freedom of expression as guaranteed by the First Amendment and Article I of the Wisconsin Constitution.

Why adopt it?

The purpose of Resolution II.10 is to restrict and punish expression that violates the law, falsely defames an individual, constitutes a genuine threat or harassment, unjustifiably invades privacy or confidentiality, disrupts activity on campus or violates the reasonable time, place and manner restrictions on expressive activity.

The disciplinary actions outlined for any of the above acts are suspension for one semester after two violations and expulsion after three violations.

The Resolution also requires that all UW system schools report annually to the Board of Regents on their ability to stay within the Resolution’s guidelines and maintain neutrality on public policy issues. This neutrality does not apply to students and staff, who are free to express their views on public policy.

Impact on the future

Future new student orientations will be required to include an explanation of the Resolution and current students will receive an annual notification of this policy if it is adopted. Any current policy regarding restriction of speech at UW-Parkside will be superseded and nullified.

If you have any questions or would like to voice your opinion on Resolution II.10. you are encouraged to contact the Parkside Student Government or chancellor.

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