UW-Parkside gets a new sandwich shop

An Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich. 

THOMAS BEYER-BOWDEN | beyer015@rangers.uwp.edu

If you have been to the Wyllie Market this semester, you might have noticed a new addition. An Erbert and Gerbert’s has replaced our on-campus Subway.

This change will not be surprising to everyone. If you were one of the lucky students given a chance to sample Erbert and Gerbert’s, Einstein Bagels and Subway last semester and weigh in on which you wanted to see on campus, your voices have been heard. For the rest of us though, the question remains, how does the new shop stack up? Is the Wyllie Market still the best place on campus to satisfy that sudden sub craving?

Compare and contrast

First, let us look at the differences. Subway offered 6 inch subs or (nearly) footlongs.

Erbert and Gerbert’s has 8 ½ inch sub sandwiches or, if that sounds like a bit much,  “couple ups” which are half sandwiches with a cup of soup.

That brings up the first big difference between the two: soups. A good soup is a sandwich’s wingman. Lucky us, Erbert and Gerbert’s got us covered here with nine solid soups.

You want to go classic? They have chicken noodle, broccoli cheddar, chicken dumpling and chili. Trying to keep away from gluten? Bam. They have the chicken wild rice, loaded baked potato and for vegetarians, a fantastic tasting tomato basil parmesan. Feeling weird? Try the chicken enchilada or the Wisconsin dream, elegantly titled beer cheese.

Alright, enough on soups, let’s  get to the main course of this story. With 16 different kinds on the menu, there is something for everyone.

You can find ham, chicken, turkey, salami, roast beef, seafood and vegetarian options. They will even sub out the standard bread for Udi’s gluten free bread if you have Celiac or a gluten sensitivity.

The number one change that you will taste from Subway is the freshness of ingredients.

I am a fan of Subway, but they can push even me with those albino tomato slices.

I reached out to Katrina Sturino, the Retail Manager for A’viands on campus, and she confirmed my suspicions: the meats and cheeses are now being sliced fresh daily and it makes a world of difference.

The backstory

Of course, each sandwich on the menu has its own backstory, inspired by stories the original owner told his son, alongside their nutrition info on the official website. My favorite, roast beef, is called Halley’s Comet.

In the official canon of the Erbert and Gerbert’s universe, he was assigned to find two children on Earth and teach them the marvels of history and the universe. Of course he chooses our heroes, Erbert and Gerbert, to travel with through space and time and teach about the power of trust.

And yes, you can just ask for a roast beef or turkey, but why would you when you could ask for a Halleys Comet or Boney Billy

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