Science lab grand opening

New signs for UW-Parkside’s new science lab.


On Aug. 31 The College of Natural and Health Sciences hosted a grand opening for the new SC Johnson Integrated Science Labs. There was an audience of around 90 including deans, professors, educators, and local members of legislation.

The Integrated Science Lab is in part, due to the donations from some charitable organizations such as the SC Johnson company and Shimadzu scientific instruments, among others.  

Truly integrated

The new labs, located in Greenquist hall on the D1 level, were designed to accommodate the needs of multiple disciplines.  

Each lab is outfitted with instruments used in all different departments of Natural and Health Sciences.

An overlap in necessity within the different fields, such as new lighting, fume hoods and tables, presented the opportunity to create a truly “integrated” lab. In addition, this will provide the different disciplines with a laboratory environment they require to succeed.

Independent and work study opportunities

In addition to working as classrooms, the labs will serve as research settings for independent studies as well as research projects conducted by students and professors alike.

In addition, work study will be offered as part of research projects held. Students ineligible for work study may also get the chance to receive some monetary subsidy for their research projects and independent studies.  

Moving forward

The instillation of the science labs analogizes UW-Parkside’s integrated approach within the sciences and

how ideas from each discipline are incorporated within the separate programs. Dr. Otu, dean of the chemistry department, hopes the labs will be a “highlight in UW-Parkside’s strive to further develop the capabilities and opportunities here on campus.”

This highlight is shown through UW-Parkside’s 90% placement rate for pre-medical students in over a dozen professions including, veterinary, medicine, and pharmacy into graduate programs.


Creating professionals

The labs represent a new chapter for the science department here on campus, one where students will be working in a professional lab setting with state of the art renovations. Students will gain the ability to work closely with professionals in the field that they hope thrive in. These labs give a chance for science students to use 21st century equipment within a new lab designed to accommodate any need that they may have. The Natural and Health Sciences department is confident the integrated labs will be an integral part of UW-Parkside’s image as well as a privilege for incoming sciences students hoping to make an impact in the professional world.

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