PSG election results finalized


The election results for Parkside Student Government (PSG) are in! The final votes dropped Monday April 4.

President, VP winners

Jessica Diaz, who assumed the role temporarily after Tim Krieger’s resignation, will continue her position as PSG president into the 2017-2018 academic year. Peter Wierzba ran against Diaz for the position in this semester’s elections. The results labelled a clear winner with Diaz’ 86 votes to Wierzba’s 44.

Corey Hoskins will also be continuing his position as Vice President. Thalia Aleman ran against Hoskins in a closer contestation. Aleman lost with 54 votes to Hoskins 67.

Elected senators

Twelve senator positions have been filled for the upcoming academic year. The following students have been elected: Yoger Aguilar, So., Krish Colon, Jr., Devon Kurtis, Sr., Henry Desmond, So., Kentaurius Johnson, So., Shanarda Wilbourn, So., Luis Torres, Jr., Anmol Patel, Fr., Keough Lemiux, Jr., Kellie Lutz, Jr., Kierra Vann, Fr. and Ashley M. Smith, Jr.

Looking forward to next year

Diaz said, “I would really like to work on PSG involvement, PSG awareness and collaboration with other organizations. I would really like to get out more and get students involved. I also really want to update the bylaws and look at the re-structuring of the SUFAC.”

The senators are sworn in on April 24. The positions for Student Organization Representative, SUFAC member-at-large and Student Life Committee member-at-large will not be decided until the senators are sworn-in.

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