Going green-not just for the week

Cherry tree in bloom outside Wyllie Hall

ELIZABETH STRICKER | stric018@rangers.uwp.edu

The Environmental Club is sponsoring Green Week, which is happening April 24 through the 29. There are many ways to engage throughout the week.

They are premiering “Before the Flood”, a documentary, held at the Student Center in the Den. They want to commence Green Week by raising awareness of the dangers of climate change and how our campus can make a difference. There will be a Q&A session after the documentary.

From Tuesday to Thursday, Environmental Club will be on the bridge. Tuesday from 11-2 p.m. they are collaborating with the Art and Geoscience Clubs to talk about recycling and raise awareness about waste. They will be selling their own reusable cups.

Wednesday from 10-2 p.m. will have a bake sale with Geography Club- payable by donation. They will also be selling their very own syrup, which will cost $10 for either birch or maple syrup.

Thursday from 11-2 p.m. there will be environmental trivia!  There will be about 100 questions chosen by picking a number from 1-100. Based off of the amount of questions you answer correctly, you will win a prize. The last event held on the bridge will be Friday from 11-2 p.m. Come get a leaf and place it on their tree in honor of arbor day.

To finish off Green Week, and in lieu of Earth day, there will be a clean-up day from 9-1pm on Saturday. They will be meeting at a Pavilion in Pets Park.

Michelle Mach, President of the Environmental Club, says, “Making a difference is still feasible even though we are a small campus. The mindset ‘oh this isn’t making a difference’, is dangerous. We must look into what is actually going on in regards to our waste impact, climate change, and our actions.” They co-sponsored Green Week with Geography and Geoscience Club last year. Last year’s outcome was not as successful of a turnout as they had projected. This year, Environmental Club is attempting to make a comeback, by collaborating with other organizations throughout the week in anticipation for attracting more numbers in hopes to educate our campus’ community to inspire us to make a difference.

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