Sigma Lambda Beta host Beta Sweetheart pageant



UW-Parkside’s international fraternity Sigma Lambda Beta is hosting the Beta Sweetheart pageant April 26. The pageant, which is held every year in the spring, is based not on beauty, but brains!

History and purpose

The pageant was first created by Eduardo Ortega, an alumni of the fraternity, in 2010. The pageant was first established so that the Zeta Alpha chapter could find a sweetheart to uphold their fraternity tenets of brotherhood, community service, scholarship and cultural awareness.

The winner of the Beta Sweetheart pageant would also be a figurehead for the fraternities Pretty Hurts Campaign which promotes self-confidence and women empowerment through events and workshops.

This years event

Isiah Hemphill, President of Zeta Alpha chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta, is hosting this years pageant. He explains that the contestants will prove their capabilities by answering a series of non-political, non-religious questions on stage.

A scholarship award is being offered to the winner of the pageant of $300. Beta Sweetheart is going to be held on April 26 at the Student Center Cinema at UW-Parkside. Doors are at 6 p.m., the show starts at 6:45 p.m.

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