PSG elections race


Since former UW-Parkside student President Timothy Krueger resigned following a call for his impeachment in February, former Vice-President Jessica Diaz has been elevated to President and Corey Hoskins has been chosen as the new Vice-President. The new executive board and senate elections on Tuesday, April 11th to Thursday, April 13th will decide whether the duo—and the 28 senators—maintain their positions.

Diaz says she intends to run for student President in the upcoming election. Though she has only been President for a brief period, she has gotten much work accomplished and is confident in serving a full term. She insists there remains more work to be done: she told the Ranger News that she “really wants to inform students about what the [segregated fees] opt-out means.” The opt-out she is referring to would make allocable funds to student organizations optional and, as she claims, would “create disruption on campus.”

Beyond the presidency, the election will also decide the vice-presidency, 21 senate seats, two members of the student life committee, and two members of SUFAC (the section of the student government responsible for funding student organizations.). The elections are a chance for each student to have a say in how the campus will be run next year and will be conducted through Campus Connect.

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