Gaming lounge brings people together

PC gaming counter inside Gravity Gaming Lounge


Gravity Gaming Lounge, located in downtown Kenosha, 621 56th Street, is a prime location for gamers. The lounge offers a wide array of gaming platforms that customers can walk in and enjoy.

Pay as you play

Customers can choose from many different consoles from traditional platforms to virtual reality.

Gamers then pay hourly for their use of the games. Rates are $4 per one hour, $10 per three hours and $15 per five hours. If a customer does not use all the hours they paid for, they can use them on their next visit!

Gravity Gaming Lounge also offers day passes for the use of their systems. Their variety ranges from strategy, to fighting games and more.

Make new friends

Victor Estill, a founder of Gravity Gaming Lounge, notes that this is a great place for college students to socialize and make new friends. Estill says, “There’s a lot of students that don’t like going to bars… some people are afraid of that social experience.” Gravity Gaming Lounge seeks to fill that niche.

Jesus Cruz, a patron, echos this sentiment. He sat playing “For Honor,” a recently released title, with a new friend. “I met a lot of new people. The community of people that come here… It’s a non-toxic area,” says Cruz.

Weekly tournaments

The gaming lounge hosts weekly tournaments for the Nintendo classic “Smash Bros. Melee.” “Smash Bros.” has no online gameplay, which is why this offers many young adult gamers the opportunity to test their skills with this beloved game.

About 20-25 people show up regularly. Sometimes the lounge offers a pot bonus prize to the tournament champions.

Company renovations

Gravity Gaming Lounge was established after the fall of Top Dog Gaming. Estill explained that, for personal reasons, the owner of Top Dog Gaming could no longer manage his business.

Estill decided to continue where Top Dog left off. A good portion of the lounge’s customer base went to Top Dog but have found a new home at Gravity Gaming Lounge.

Estill and his business partners remodeled the gaming space before opening. He wants to have a stronger focus on PC gamers which he felt Gravity Gaming’s predecessor did not have. Remodeling costs totaled at around $2000, ultimately making the lounge very comfortable, sporting designer chairs and couches in the back.

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