Exceptional combat in new game

for honor 2

KENNETH TABILI | tabil003@rangers.uwp.edu 

“For Honor” is the brand new IP from Ubisoft, handled by their in-house studio, Ubisoft Montreal. With this new IP, Ubisoft set out to create a game that you never knew you needed. They have created a game that is a fighting game at its roots, but takes on the form of a few other genres along the way. “For Honor” is unlike anything you have ever played, and likely ever will play.

Multiplayer is the heart of the game

At its core,For Honor” is a multiplayer game. “For Honor” offers five game modes, Duel (1v1 deathmatch with no respawns), Brawl (2v2 deathmatch with no respawns), Skirmish (4v4 deathmatch with respawns), Elimination (4v4 deathmatch with no respawns) and Dominion. Dominion is essentially domination–the territory capture mode from “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield”–but with little mobs of AI controlled enemies.

Quality over quantity

Even with the limited amount of game modes, the game does not get boring fast. Tired of having to fight two or three people at a time? That is easy; just jump into some duels to avoid getting ganked by multiple people. These are all played on seven different maps, adding to the variety. “For Honor” has quite enough to keep you going, even when you think you are tiring of it. While there is a campaign, it serves as not much more than just a tutorial for certain heroes.

Patience is the key to victory

Of course, all of this would not matter if the combat was terrible. Ubisoft Montreal crafted one of the most brilliant combat systems I have ever seen in gaming. It forces you to use both joysticks; one controls your movement while the other controls where you are aiming your weapon. You have your basic light attacks and heavy attacks that you can use, along with guard breaks, throws and the occasional stun move. Learning how to utilize each of these is essential to any and every fight in “For Honor”. It rewards the patient, those who sit back and analyze how their opponent is fighting and then pounce on the weak spots. It may be the most original fighting system I have ever seen.

A breath of fresh air

All in all, “For Honor” is a rare thing in gaming today. It is a brand new AAA IP from a prominent publisher that is exceptional in its combat design. We got a unique title that I hope becomes a brand-new example for future games to follow, despite the connection issues and griefing that have plagued it since launch.

Score 85/100



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