Letter from the Editor: Regarding last issue’s errors

ETHAN COSTELLO | coste012@rangers.uwp.edu

Hello all! I would like to address something that is not necessarily easy for me. However, this is an issue that needs confrontation.

Those of you who read a copy of our last edition, which was released Thursday, March 30, may have noticed many inconsistencies and outright errors in the layout of the issue.

Accepting of fault

The many errors,  many obvious, some less so, I accept fault on. All of these errors could have been avoided if there was meaningful premeditation in regards to our course this semester.

I did not consider early enough what it would mean to work on an issue over spring break. As it turns out, inaction is the root of error. That I have seen many fold in this issue.

The errors

On our front page, we misspell Corey Hoskins name in the photo cred. Wyllie is misspelled in the title and throughout the article of the restaurant piece. On the bottom of the page, our page teasers are totally incorrect and are in fact from two issue ago.

On our second page, the mugshot of Donald Trump should have been replaced with a mugshot of our writer Joseph Canning. The photo captions of the bottom two images are wildly inaccurate.

On the third page, Elaine Philippa’s name is misspelled.

On the fourth page, there are a couple misspelling/ spacing issues with the comic credits. The dialogue of “Birds on a Wire” has a punctuation error: “buffet’s” should not have an apostrophe in it.

On page seven, top right corner of the Bearly News, the issue number reads “1” when it should be at “3”.

On the eighth page, the picture for the top article is of UW-Parkside’s softball team when the article is about the women’s and men’s basketball teams.

The cause of failure

It was not until about two weeks out when I realized our issue would be made over spring break. Because of this, I scrambled last minute plans to go ahead with its preparation.

Many of my reporters and staff were out-of-state throughout the break, leaving me short-handed. This left the reporting and content development to myself, and a few of my other reporters.

During layout weekend, a few days before the file is submitted for print, myself and my Graphics lead Tyler Feldhausen, were the only two available to work. We spent the majority of the evening that Friday, March 24, working.

Before long we had to leave the Student Center around 5 p.m. because they were closing the building early. This was due to specific spring break hours of which we were unfortunately unaware.

We decided to finish layout in the MacLab in the Academic building. Another thing we did not know at the time is that once transferred to the MacLab, our InDesign file would be incompatible with our computers because our office runs on old Adobe software.

This caused a huge problem for final edits and ultimately many errors were left uncorrected.

The price of unpreparedness

This is a lesson learned for myself and for The Ranger News. I apologize to anyone that this has affected; to our sources, to our readers, to our partners and our advisers.

If this is your first issue, I understand if you might see this and never want to pick up another copy again. But before you make that decision, let me say that this is not representative of our best, but in fact, you caught us at our worst.

I have learned from this. My staff have learned from this. And to anyone else, do not make the same mistake that I have.

Never underestimate the impact of preparation and forethought.

One thought on “Letter from the Editor: Regarding last issue’s errors”

  1. Hey, anyone who has worked in publishing or editing or just plain getting the written word out there has these kinds of horror stories. You’ve had a hard-core learning experience! In fact, I got kind of excited reading about your travails because it brought back memories of fighting through a perfect storm of problems to get a journal out. I’ll still keep reading!


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