Kenosha, Racine join green movement

The vision of the transition town movement


Transition Townthis combination of words may seem unfamiliar to you, but a group of UW-Parkside students hope to change that in the near future. Transition Towns represent an initiative taken by communities to achieve more sustainable retail and energy practices. Transition Towns are most importantly part of a national and global movement to strive to use and purchase resources more sustainably starting within our own communities.  

Transition to small business

Some of the most notable ways to spread this initiative can start with simply supporting local

farmers and small business owners with your patronage. One of the key elements of Transition Towns is the importance placed on community interdependence. When community members can rely on one another for daily resources rather than a big chain store, it gives way for much more sustainable use of food and everyday items.  

Connection to the world

A crucial part of the movement also involves a renewal of the  natural connection to the world we live in. Seeing where your resources and food come from can make a big difference in how those things are perceived and used. Kellie Lutz, junior, and a few other students are spearheading the initiative by connecting with environmental groups in the area and developing a brand for the Transition Town movement they would like to begin in Kenosha and Racine.

Lutz hopes to get business owners, farmers, shops, and citizens alike involved in to start the first of a community interdependence on a good foot. Simply speaking about Transition towns and what it means to be one can be the most important part of the movement in general. Getting people to understand what it really means to practice sustainability and regain a connection to your world. As Lutz puts it, “…We have to re-establish what it means to be connected to the world we live in. That starts in the community.”

Join the movement

Students and citizens can get involved and start to get into these practices by learning more about Transition Towns and sustainability in general with some basic research. A simple internet search can turn up thousands of results and methods to make for a more sustainable household or community. Though it sometimes seems as if repairing the issues we face in our world today may be out of reach, it can start on an individual basis. One of the biggest steps in the right direction can be as simple as learning about where your food and everyday household items come from.With these practices in mind, one can build the foundation for a community to   become a new addition to the Transition Town movement.


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