“Horizon Zero Dawn” exceeds expectations

horizonsTRAVIS NORTHERN |north004@rangers.uwp.edu


“Horizon Zero Dawn” falls into a wide range of genre categories. It is a 3rd-person action game. It is an adventure game. It is a story game. It is a pseudo-RPG. It is an open-world explorer. All of these labels have some merit, but first and foremost, this is a hunter-gatherer game. After my many hours with “Horizon Zero Dawn”, I feel like I still need to keep coming back and exploring its amazing experience.

A world of wonder

The story always engaged me with its personal appeals and its grand scale. Battling the machines never got old thanks to the sheer creativity behind the enemy types. The environments are absolutely beautiful, and they provide an aura of mystery just waiting to be unraveled. I would consider this game a complete experience, something so dense with enjoyable moments that it is worth playing over and over as years go by. It is a technological marvel that capitalizes on the potential of what the PlayStation 4 can accomplish.

Story is refined, focused and sharp

A concern that I do possess is that this game will not appeal to players who hate linear story sections. The first hour or so consists of a streamlined plot that does not offer you the freedom of the open world until later in the game, and several points near the third act return to this tactic. While it works wonders with the game’s pacing, setup and general story value, it may deter players that detest story-driven titles. If you are disinclined to play story games, then this might not be the game for you.

A major step forward for everyone involved

It might seem familiar at times, but the hunter-gatherer twist on the formula and a brilliant plotline sets it apart from the rest. It is in the top tier of the 3rd-person action genre, and developer Guerilla Games’ finest work to date. The title marks yet another victory for Sony as they have continued to add iconic IP’s to their repertoire over the past decade. This could definitely be a platform-seller for the PlayStation 4 and the newly released PlayStation 4 Pro, since that system can display Horizon’s enchanting aesthetics at an even higher resolution. With these accomplishments in mind, the title is easily an early contender for Game of the Year.

A title for the ages

Simply put, “Horizon Zero Dawn” is why I love video games. It is a complex, thought-provoking, emotional tale told through a series of unique, immersive, epic encounters. It is a demonstration of why videogames are an art medium. Anyone hooked by its premise is certain to come back for a replay, or ten. If you do pick it up, happy machine-hunting!

Score: 95/100

For the full review and more from NextLevel gaming, visit their website at http://nlgo.net/2017/03/horizon-zero-dawn-review/.



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