BSU celebrates Black History Month

bsu members
BSU members at the Student Involvement Fair in February


February has been dubbed as “Black History Month” with good reason. A look at the history and an interview with the Black Student Union at UW-Parkside gives insight to the celebration.

The history

Black History Month most notably finds its beginning in 1926, when leader of newly established Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) instituted a week honoring the accomplishment and cultural importance of African Americans.

Beginning with President Gerald R. Ford, Black History month has been nationally recognized in February every year since 1976. This week was chosen in February to coincide with Abraham Lincoln’s and Frederick Douglass’ birthdays.  Continuing with this tradition, numerous Americans have been remembered and honored during this month, such as our 44th president, Barack Obama, and countless more.  

Campus reverence

Cory Hoskins, Vice President of Black Student Union (BSU), was able to speak on the organization’s behalf about how Black History Month was celebrated here on campus. Members of BSU participated in many events over the month of February, including a meet-and-greet that invited the general student body and faculty to come meet members of BSU and obtain more information on the organization.

The organization also held study groups, game nights, karaoke and a movie night related to Black History Month. These social gatherings and study sessions are a part of the way that BSU hopes to get students involved and learn more about Black History Month and the culture surrounding it. BSU hopes to hear from student body members and faculty alike to provide them with ways to continue to positively impact campus and the community.  

Get involved

On a weekly basis, BSU meets at 12p.m. every Wednesday in the Walnut Room of the Student Center. They use this time to cover ideas for events that will be held throughout the semester. BSU encourages people interested in the organization to come to a meeting and see what they have to offer.

Black History Year

Some of the most important and influential people of our time and history should be remembered not only in February, but throughout the year. This idea is reiterated through BSU and their community events here on campus that showcase the culture.

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