The BEAT brings back Theater Review


Joana Jackson, President of The BEAT and Almir Ismani, Vice President of The BEAT discussed the BEAT’s upcoming events. Almir and Joana were more than happy to share some of what this great group is doing this semester.

 The BEAT’s impact

joana jackson
Joana Jackson

Joana Jackson happily shared that The BEAT is “the music club on campus”. She went on to say, “Our main goal is to offer opportunities for students on campus to have community through music and to share music, enjoy music, talk about music, perform music and just in general involvement of music”. She stated, “We are also really big on fostering community and giving students an opportunity to connect with other students”. Jackson highlighted the importance of community in the group and that the club is open to everyone on campus.

Open mic

The BEAT will be having an Open Mic Night March 15th from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Ismani explained that the Open Mic Night “usually consists of us going down to the Den area bringing down piano, a drum set, some mics and stuff like that, setting up an area where people can perform”.  

almir ismani
Almir Ismani

In regards to the performance, he said, “Anything that has artistic entertainment

involvement, you can pretty much do”. He gave examples like interpretive dance, singing and spoken word. Jackson added no sign up is needed and people are welcome to come listen as well.  

Theater Review event

The BEAT is also excited to be bringing back the Theater Review event.  The Theater Review is an event that focuses on students performing pieces from productions like musicals.  This event does require auditions and will include a paid accompanist.  They are looking forward to having the event sometime in late spring but, have not yet set a date.

You could tell by their smiling faces, how much of an impact being part of the BEAT has had on them.  Jackson also shared The BEAT welcomes new people interested in the group. Check out The BEAT’s Open Mic Night & Theater Review if you are interested in seeing what Parkside’s music scene has to offer.

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