Question of the Issue

Q: “How do you get involved in your community?”




Peter Wierzba

Peter Wierzba

Junior, Political Science Major

A: “I am involved with a local church and I’m in an InterVarsity on campus. And I really try to make people’s day better by being kind and showing love.”

Keough Lemieux


Keough Lemieux

Sophomore, Political Science Major

A: “I’m becoming more involved here at Parkside, I am a member of Parkside Student Government, and I am involved with the Parkside student Democrats.”


Gia Reeves

Gia Reeves

Sophomore, Psychology Major

A: “I just recently got out of the 4H program over in Lake Geneva, which I’ve been doing for the past eleven years, working with kids and horses. I am involved in UW-Parkside Odditees group, the UW-Parkside student Democrats and the History Club, even though I’m not a history major or minor.”

Ryan de la Torre


Ryan de la Torre

Freshman, Nursing Major

A: “Well I spend my time working at an animal shelter where I help cats specifically to find homes.”


Ashlynn Brandl

Ashlynn Brandl

Freshmen, Nursing Major

A: “I have volunteered with the nursing students at different local food support centers.”

Griffin Cofell


Griffen Cofell

Sophomore, Music Performance Major

A: “I am in the Women’s Center and on top of that I am in groups that play for charity all around town.”


Raven Renje

Raven Renje

Sophomore, Music Major and Communication Major

A: “I think trying to find clubs and groups, like I’m part of the Women’s Center here, I noticed it here and wanted to be a part of it. And because of that it’s led me to find out about other groups that I can be involved with like the Women’s Horizon Shelter.”

Jonathan Fuhrer


Jonathan Fuhrer

Senior, History Major and Education Major

A: “I’m in the History Club, and it’s important to me because I think it helps bring together almost a sense of community within the majors themselves which is kind of cool.”


Mason Markee

Mason Markee

Freshmen, Communication Major

A: “I’m in WIPZ student radio station, and I am the Program Director so I run the shows.”

Kaija Daniels


Kaija Daniels

Junior, Communication Major

A: “I’m the President of the Parkside Oddities, I’m the Secretary of the Admissive Fiber Arts, and the Secretary of the Anthropological Society.”


Jacob Pinkos

Jacob Pinkos

Psychology Major

A: “I am the Vice president of Parkside Oddities, this club is important because we encourage you to express your oddness.”

Phillisha Baggett


Phillisha Bagget

Criminal Justice Major

A: “I work for the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and I am Activities Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Association and I volunteer.”

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