Latinos Unidos attends leadership conference

Jessica Perez and Yoger Aquilar
Jessica Perez and Yoger Aguilar outside Latinos Unidos office after leadership conference.


Latinos Unidos (LU) recently attended the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) conference February 17 and 18. Yoger Aguilar, the PSG ambassador for Latinos Unidos, reflects on the mission of LU and on their time at the USHLI conference.

Conference left LU fascinated

The USHLI conference was an edifying experience for the LU group. Aguilar went with twelve other LU members to the gathering. There, they gathered with many other Latino/a organizations to listen to Dr. Juan Andrade, president of USHLI, speak.

The LU group had the opportunity to attend many workshops where they discussed leadership and entrepreneurship  skills, networking and motivation. The USHLI conference held opportunities for immigrant workers as well. It showcased resources, which gave working class Latino/as access to pursue their goals.

Aguilar’s take-away

The USHLI conference left the group feeling inspired. Aguilar recalls a specific speaker, Raul Magdaleno, who left a strong impression on him. Magdaleno is an internationally renowned empowerment speaker who had the opportunity to present at the USHLI conference. Magdaleno retells his life experiences and uses stories to explain the importance of community engagement and diversity.

Mission and purpose

Aguilar explained that Latinos Unidos provides a safe environment for the Latino/a students of UW-Parkside. Family is a prominent motif in Latino/a culture and that is what LU provides for their members. LU’s mission is to create strong leaders who will be able to engage the community and promote civic activism in order to address issues facing Latino/a citizens. They seek to empower their members and give voice to the voiceless.

Upcoming events

LU is planning some collaborative events in the near future. On March 15, they are planning an event to raise awareness of Latina women and the campus with Sorority Alpha Sigma Omega. March 29, they will be merging efforts with BSU to hold an activity focused on afro-latino culture, set to be held in Molinaro D132.

April 19, Doctor Penny Lyter will be guest presenting at the LU meeting (Walnut Room, Student Center) to discuss prevention of diseases in the Latino/a community. All these events are open to the campus. More information about them can be found on their Facebook page.

Aquilar’s final message

Aquilar stressed the need for new, young leaders to give their best efforts in the coming days. He encourages everyone to get involved and said, “We are always here. We are always open to different organizations. We don’t mind collaborating activities.”

Aquilar said LU’s plans in the coming year are very exciting and he is very motivated to get others engaged. Latinos Unidos meetings are every Wednesday from Noon to 1 p.m. in the Walnut Room.


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