Jamsu presents a new beauty technique

HOLLACE VILLARREAL | villa068@rangers.uwp.edu

This new Korean beauty hack has taken YouTube by storm

Jamsu, or “diving”, is a Korean makeup technique done in three parts. Step one: apply your base makeup (that being your primer, foundation and concealer). Step two: apply a generous amount of baby powder (or translucent mineral powder) to your face. Step three: submerge your face in ice water for 10-30 seconds. Pat dry and apply the rest of your makeup.

This may sound a bit excessive, but if done right, Jamsu will make your face soft and matte, if a little pale. It will also last all day, though you would want to add some setting spray to make sure it does not rub off.

The start

Submerging faces into ice water is not a new beauty technique, as it has been done since the 1950’s when Joan Crawford would splash her face with ice water after every wash. However, this new addition of the baby powder has been credited to Japanese blogger YoonCharmi. After YoonCharmi’s video, it captured Korean makeup vloggers’ interest, and it has become a standard in their new makeup tutorial videos.

The science

Jamsu works by using the water repellant powder to fill one’s pores. When the face is dunked into the water, the powder melts across the face, leaving it smooth and seemingly poreless. The coldness of the water helps to close the person’s pores so that the foundation and powder is locked into place. This means that whoever does this will have to take extra care to wash their face, but they should ultimately be fine. The makeup holds up under duress, such as water and heat.

Theater application

Because of Jamsu’s resilience under pressure, Ranger News sat down with Beth LeGreve, the makeup artist for the school’s production of “A Streetcar Named Desire”, to ask if she thought it could have any application for the theater. “It’s definitely something to look into,” she said, “there’s actually a character with a beard stippled on, and when he kisses the other character it rubs off on her… so if it could keep that from happening, we might have to look into it.”
I had to do an over the phone interview, but luckily, Beth had a headshot on hand.

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